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Why Choose Conroy Floor Coatings?

As a small business, we take great pride in the quality of our work, ensuring that every detail will display our reputation well.


We're committed to identifying your specific needs in order to provide you the best service for your garage or flooring needs.

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Commitment to Excellent

 Conroy Floor Coatings is dedicated to providing the highest quality epoxy floor solutions. We prioritize longevity and customer satisfaction, never compromising on quality.

Expertise & Skill + Professionally

Conroy received rigorous, thorough, professional, training in the process of floor coatings  through a highly esteemed program in Florida. 

He continues to stay current with the the latest industry practices.

Fully Insured

Weird things happen. Not often, and we hope they don't ever happen to us. But we don't take chances, so we carry full insurance to keep your garage as safe and secure as possible.

Accountability + Trust

You get the trust and accountability of a small business, combined with the professionalism of a corporation.

When a man is willing to throw his own name behind his business, and he's already established as trustworthy, it's a worthwhile business.

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Daniel Conroy

Owner, Lead Contractor

Serving Colorado as a Fire Fighter and EMT in central and Northern Colorado for over a decade, Daniel Conroy's unique schedule has allowed him to pursue this business during his off hours.


From observing the exceptional construction of epoxy floor coatings throughout his work as a firefighter, he became inspired to learn more about it. This led to the creation of Conroy Floor Coating, where he is dedicated to providing top-notch services, with a focus on customer satisfaction and competitive pricing.

Daniel is committed to honoring Christ first, even as he serves the the people of Colorado in fire rescue, and most certainly as he pursues excellence in garage floor coatings.

Certified in Epoxy Floor Coatings

Fully bonded and insured

 Daniel and his team transformed our 3-car garage. The epoxy coating looks so nice! So durable - our garage feels like an extension of our home now. Opened the garage door and set up chairs and tables in the garage, for shaded seating. Super nice. Everyone was complimenting the floors.
 Professional and top-notch all around.

Tom and Lindsey

  Our garage has never looked better or cleaner. The new floor coatings fixed all the cracks and stains, and it's so easy to clean. My wife even mopped the garage, something we've never done before. Daniel's attention to detail and expertise were evident. We couldn't be happier with the result.

Jordan and Laci

Daniel Conroy exceeded our expectations. The epoxy floors look good. My floors didn't get dented up during my project this weekend.  Daniel's workmanship is second to none and I like how dedicated he is to making sure I was happy with it. His team was great too. Quality young men. I  am happy to recommend them to anyone.

Mark and Ruth

Hear From Our Clients

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